This is the home page for any books and articles that I write. First up is Functional Development which I am publishing on line to accompany the EmotFit Emotional Fitness Programme. The book is broken into sections and subsections and will take shape as I work on it. Feedback is appreciated using the contact form which can be found under Site Menu on the left.

To access pages use the slide down menu on this page or go straight to the Preface and use the breadcrumb navigation system on the menu bar.

The format in which this material is presented to you is online text publishing based on the following principles:

  • Breaking up content into meaningful chunks and separating them visually
  • Providing easy hyperlink access at the top of every chunk to each other chunk
  • Providing you, the reader, with a choice of themes to help you find a format that suits you.

The content of Functional Development can be discussed at the EmotFit forum

The content of Human Development Technology can be discussed at the SOHTech forum